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Frequently Asked Questions

What's this site about?

This website is all about selling tags. A tag is a keyword displayed as a link to a webpage.

Visitors clicking on tags can register to participate in contests. The major contest will give 100.000$ to a winner if this website sells for 1 million dollar of tags. Intermediate contests are regularly organised.

Tag owners get visits on their website for a very affordable price, as they fix the price they want to pay for a tag. Tags are awarded on a first-come first-served basis.

How do I contact you?

You can send a mail to

How can I earn 100.000$?

To enter the competition, you need to:

  1. Register your account
  2. Sign-in
  3. Clic on tags from the TMDTC tagcloud. Each clic is one chance to win.

If you have a website, you can also integrate a tagcloud in your page and each clic generated will give you one more chance to win.

If you have a Facebook account, you can also use the TMDTC Facebook app to publish a tagcloud on your profile, and each clic generated there will also give you one chance to win.

Will you really give $100.000 to one person?

If I am able to sell tags for a total of $1.000.000 (US dollars) before 1st june 2010 I will give $100.000 to one person or $50.000 to 2 persons who registered an account and either published this tagcloud on their website, or clicked on a tag while logged-in. The procedure to choose the winner is precised in the Terms of Service.

Do I have to log in everytime?

Your browser will keep the session valid for 1 year, so you don't need to log in everytime from the same computer.

If you sign-in with twitter, we will ask you to confirm your identity to change your settings.

Why is there no password to log in?

A password has no utility here, as the more people use your account, the more clicks you collect! Just sign in with your login and you're ready to go.

Do my clicks on TagClouds integrated in other website count to win the $100.000?

If you logged in with the browser you are using, yes.

Getting a tag

Can I choose my tag?

Yes, you choose your tag, and you can book as much tags as you want, as long as you respect these conditions:

Can I link to the tagcloud and highlight my tag?

Yes, just put your tag name as the variable h in the URL. For example, this URL will highlight and zoom on the Linux tag:

To highligh several tags, joing them with double dashes, like this: In that case, the page will zoom on the first tag you pass in the variable. In this case Linux.

Highlighting is done by drawing a border around your tag and by blinking the keyword of your tag.

What is the price of a tag?

The price is set by the buyer! The minimum price is 1 dollar, there's no maximum. See the two following questions to decide what amount you should invest in your tag.

How is the size of the tag determined?

The more you invest in your tag, the bigger it is. That is, the most expensive tag will always have the biggest size.

How is the order of the tags determined?

The order of the tags is random and different for each page access.

How do I book my tag?

See here.

What happens when the page is full?

Scrollbars will be displayed, but note that as the order of the tag is random, no tag should be at a disadvantage.