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Get Your Tag Now Publish on Your Site

Publish a mini TagCloud on your Facebook Profile

Our Facebook application is available at It lets you add a profile box to your profile, and links all click on tags to your facebook account.

Publish a mini Tagcloud on your website

If you want clicks done on the tagclouds that you display be attributed to you, you should first login or register.

All in one solution: no technical knowledge needed

The easiest way to do it is to paste the following code in your page's HTML code at the place where you want to include the tagcloud:

This will bring in the necessary javascript code and insert the tagcloud in your page. With this code, it is possible to add a tagcloud to the sidebar of your blog on Blogger.

Using javascript libraries present in your site


If you're already using Jquery in your website, you can use this code:

Configuring the Tagcloud to your liking: Technical details

Here are the parameters you can pass to the url loading the script: